We think that space is the most amazing thing in the world. But, our Earth is sufficient to satisfy us that amazing things do exist here. Water, air and fire are some of the known yet fascinating things in our world. There are many things in nature that are well beyond our imaginations. Such amazing things in nature are uncommon and rare. They are specific to certain geological locations, country or ecosystem. These are not just amazing but are mysterious, weird and unbelievable. These are examples of nature’s craftsmanship and are beyond the power of humans.

List of 7 amazing things in nature you won’t believe are real:

Crystal Ice Caves, Iceland

Crystal Ice Caves in the Vatnajökull glaciers of Iceland are a breathtaking experience for tourists. The image here is an illustration, the actual ice caves of Iceland are way beyond imagination. Every winter, the caves transform into a beautiful glacial lagoon resulting in a glassy ice blue hue. The glassy ice hue is because of the towering weight of the ice compressing the air bubbles outside. The size, shape and hue in the caves are ever-changing. There are several ice caves in Iceland, but Vatnajökull glacier ice caves are the best and are a jewel on Earth.