Celebrities do have luxury life, but to get the position of luxury, they tend to take up almost all the risks possible in their career. We are getting to know much about their life experiences as they are very famous, yet simple as normal human being. The near death experiences by some of the stars listed here can boggle your mind for sure. We have come up with the 7 celebrities who survived near deaths providentially.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is an American Actor and Producer, regarded as the world’s biggest star. He have been people’s most favorite after the movie “The Pirates of Caribbean”. It was after the latest release of his hit movie “The Rum Diaries”, which almost hooked £3 million in just a week of time. But, Depp experienced something very shocking and unusual while travelling with director Bruce Robinson. Both Depp and the director Robinson looked each other to call out “Oh! S***”, as a result of engine shut done. The adrenaline is impossibly high when the descent from sky goes crazy out of control. It was reported that the flight was floating with no control for a couple of minutes to swap on an emergency engine to rescue their lives.