Celebrities do have luxury life, but to get the position of luxury, they tend to take up almost all the risks possible in their career. We are getting to know much about their life experiences as they are very famous, yet simple as normal human being. The near death experiences by some of the stars listed here can boggle your mind for sure. We have come up with the 7 celebrities who survived near deaths providentially.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is an American Actor and Producer, regarded as the world’s biggest star. He have been people’s most favorite after the movie “The Pirates of Caribbean”. It was after the latest release of his hit movie “The Rum Diaries”, which almost hooked £3 million in just a week of time. But, Depp experienced something very shocking and unusual while travelling with director Bruce Robinson. Both Depp and the director Robinson looked each other to call out “Oh! S***”, as a result of engine shut done. The adrenaline is impossibly high when the descent from sky goes crazy out of control. It was reported that the flight was floating with no control for a couple of minutes to swap on an emergency engine to rescue their lives.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Not one, but three near death survivals for Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is one of the most renowned actors in the world, best known for winning Oscars have almost have had near death experiences three times. DiCaprio experienced his first shock during an adventure in a cage underwater, when a shark almost accidentally got through in. Flipping towards DiCaprio, he was almost in a suicidal mission. Secondly, he had to keep alive till his last breadth when Delta Airline’s engine exploded right in front of him. The engine was switched off for a while thereafter for next two minutes before to go for the emergency landing. Finally, he swallowed the death game when he jumped for a skydiving with faulty Rip Cord. In all of the scenarios, the actor survived with perfect providential escape.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian Actor who is famously recognized for superhero role in the Green Lantern film. Imagine yourself on a freefall about 20,000 feet from ground level and finally realize a faulty Rip Cord on your body. At the age of 17, Ryan almost died when he jumped for a sky diving adventure with a faulty Rip Cord. There is no way of even thinking what next when something like this happens for anyone. But, intelligently Ryan pulled the reverse parachute to rescue himself from being killed.


Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox was a Canadian-American famous actor, who started his film career in 1970s. He was recognized with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 29, which impacted his career to greater extent. His condition was announced publicly in 1998, after which the symptoms were sever enough that made a full stops for his career. Something went terrible during the shooting of Trilogy “Back to the Future”. Michael almost strangled to death when he wrongly tied the noose on him. The mishap was then recovered by the crew members, however the incident took almost whole of Michael’s life.

George Clooney

George Clooney is an American actor and most recognized for the contribution in Syriana and Argo.  He experienced his dead experience during the film making “Syriana”, while he fell off his chair that was tied with a rope. The impact caused a fatal head injury leading to memory loss and insane headache. Digging into the cause for terrible pain, doctors diagnose Clooney’s head with trauma on dura mater. Even today George recalls the instances of himself in a vegetable condition in the hospital after immediate impact on head.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is well known for his acrobatic stunts, who is also recognized for brilliant martial artists in the world. Now, Jackie was very lucky while going for a dangerous stunt in the movie “Armor of God”. The scenario of the stunt was to jump from the wall of a castle to catch hold of a tree branch. Unfortunately, Chan lost control of himself while jumping, which eventually led him to hit his head directly on the ground. The impact paid him for life, where he had to place a plastic plate permanently post brain surgery. Even today, he experiences slight loss of hearing on one side of ears due to hemorrhage on his head.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is an American actor, who became successful for her contribution in the film “One Day”. Though the film received mixed reviews, the grossing peaked up to $56.7 million. The scary scene about Anne Hathaway was when she got dragged by a rip current off the shore of Oahu in Hawaii. Nearby surfers helped her to reach the shore and was later assisted by her husband Adam Shulman for further hospitality. Her left leg was impacted with a minor injury, which was cleansed by her husband and aided near the shore by his personal talent.