Every castle across the globe features a history that were emphasized as part of defense and military purposes. Normans were the first on the planet to introduce something called the “Castle”. Most of the castles across the globe have been undergoing intense renovation and reconstruction to maintain the stand. As some of them were either destroyed in fire or during the wars. We have come up with the 7 most beautiful castles across the globe that seems like were not just made for defense purposes.

Château de Chillon

Château de Chillon is also recognized as “Chillon Castle”, which reside in an island south of Veytaux. Touching along the ends of the lake, the castle happens to be most beautiful in Switzerland. The Chillon castle tops in terms of visitor’s volume in Switzerland and Europe combined. The castle is open to the public and is having an entry fee for the visitors. Additionally, the Chillon castle bags the most visited historic monuments in Switzerland. The decorations emphasized on them are entirely based on the 14th century medieval murals.