There is always an improvement in mental and psycological health when forests itself are into consideration. Then, just imagine considering some of the most beautiful forests from around the world. Medical science has proved that the forests and green vegetation can improve emotions as well as physical conditions of a human being. You would be lucky enough if you are in one of these countries listed here, to experience the best adventure for life. A lot of uncountable number of forests across the globe, we have come up with the 7 most beautiful forests in the world, that are impressive enough as much as a stress buster.

Black Forest, Germany

If you are residing in Germany and some adventure to your life, then Black Forest is a best choice to explore. Considered as Germany’s most beautiful forest, the green vegetation occupies the mountain range in the state of Baden-Wurttembery in southern parts of Germany. Additionally, the location of the forest is something to be highlighted as is present at an elevation of 1,493 meters from the sea level. Something special to note that the climate conditions here varies between rainy season and winter with snow fall. The range of change over from pitch green of the forest in rainy season to almost snow white through the elevation is simply mesmerizing.