There is always an improvement in mental and psycological health when forests itself are into consideration. Then, just imagine considering some of the most beautiful forests from around the world. Medical science has proved that the forests and green vegetation can improve emotions as well as physical conditions of a human being. You would be lucky enough if you are in one of these countries listed here, to experience the best adventure for life. A lot of uncountable number of forests across the globe, we have come up with the 7 most beautiful forests in the world, that are impressive enough as much as a stress buster.


Black Forest, Germany

If you are residing in Germany and some adventure to your life, then Black Forest is a best choice to explore. Considered as Germany’s most beautiful forest, the green vegetation occupies the mountain range in the state of Baden-Wurttembery in southern parts of Germany. Additionally, the location of the forest is something to be highlighted as is present at an elevation of 1,493 meters from the sea level. Something special to note that the climate conditions here varies between rainy season and winter with snow fall. The range of change over from pitch green of the forest in rainy season to almost snow white through the elevation is simply mesmerizing.

Hallerbos Forest, Belgium

Hallerbos Forest is a fantastic looking forest residing under the municipal of Halle. The forest is best known for the carpet like flower blooming during the spring. If you want to just imagine yourself standing on the lands of wonderland, then try making plans for spring to visit the Hallerbos forest. With an area of about 1,360 acres, the forest happens to be most loved by the people around the globe. If you plan to visit the forest anytime, then you can get connected to the forest by just taking train service to Halle Train station. And reach the place of peace by either your own transport or by the private vehicles.

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

If you are a fan of bamboo trees, then this is going to spin your mind with complete bliss and happiness. The Sagano Bamboo Forest is considered one of the most popular forest in Japan. Additionally, there have been a lot of spooky and haunted scenarios happening in the forest. But, during the day, the forest is a must-see place and can to be considered an important hangout location in Japan. Further, the place also holds the name as “soundscape of Japan”. If you are residing near Tenryu-ji Temple (a renowned Bhuddha Temple), then you are almost close-by to visit the Sagano Bamboo Forest.


Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is one of most awesome forests in the world, which you would love to visit if you are around Costa Rica. With land cover of over 26,000 acres, the forest was founded in 1972. With fantastic animal counts here, the forest almost receives a mere tourist. Additionally, many hanging bridges and mountainous steps in the forest interiors makes it incredible piece for adventure for visitors. Further, in terms of weathers, the forest is filled with clouds in most parts of the region to blend with perfect biodiversity.

Silent Valley, India

Silent Valley becomes India’s most beautiful forest, located in Kerala. With a square kilometer of about 237, the forest comprises of some of the most prominent animal species in the world. Consisting of some of the endangered species such as “Lion-tailed macaque’, the forest happens to be the second largest in Kerala. With so much rich with green vegetation, if you are planning to free your work stress, then this could be chosen if you are around in Kerala. Additionally, some of the portions of the forest such as “Nilgiri International Biosphere Reserve” are recognized by the UNESCO Western Ghats World Heritage Sites.

Mossy Forest, Malaysia

Mossy Forest is considered Malaysia’s most beautiful forest, which covers the Cameron Highlands. At such height, the cloud just slides along the flora to create a fantastic biotope Additionally, the forest holds rich number of animals that form a great ambience in the forest. If you are planning to visit the forest in the rainy season, then be prepared for the most the adventure with almost all the steps slippery. Probably, some of the places will be kept shut during the rainy as they tend to be very rough and risky. But, with adventurer’s reviews across the globe, have a genuine reason why you should be visiting at least once in a life time.

Redwood Forest, California

Redwood Forest, also recognized as “California redwood or Coast redwood”, is an impressive piece of beauty personified in the form of green vegetation. The tree species are as much old as 1800 years and are recognized to be tallest trees living till date. With almost at a height of 30 feet, the tree species is known as “Sequoia sempervirens”. To the wonder of these being on earth, one should not deny the wonder of this forest just spread all over just with this tree species. Considering the ecology of the forest, the fog is the highlight as they tend to completely cover the forest land of about 2,100,000 acres.