Treasure. Loot. Booty. Call it what you will but it remains a popular part of modern culture. This sees treasure hunting as an activity which more and more people enjoy now. Even if you do not participate in seeking out lost treasure personally, the tales behind these long-forgotten hauls of gold or jewels are always interesting. From expeditions to find the Holy Grail or discover where the Ark of the Covenant finally laid to rest, it these types of stories which make lost treasure so appealing.
If you love to hear tales like this, here are the ten most compelling stories of lost treasure about today.

Florentine Diamond

Light-yellow in colour, the fabulous Florentine Diamond is a real stunner. Once part of the Austrian Royal Families Crown Jewel collection, it has also been in the Medici’s private collection and thought to be worth around $20 million in modern times. The diamond was stolen in 1918 from the Austrian Royal Family and has never been seen since. Popular rumour says that it was taken from Austria and then smuggled into South America. This then saw it recut into individual diamonds and resold piece by piece on the global diamond market. Many though believe it exists in its entirety somewhere in the USA and this sees modern treasure hunters still on the lookout for it.