The food that goes into a person’s diet directly affects their vitality, health, well-being and quality of life. So eating unhealthy foods terribly affects your health. You cannot even play casino slots, what to say about completing your tasks at work. When choosing foods, it’s important to remember that some are simply vital for the body, good brain function and all organs.



Experts recommend including seafood in the diet. Elements included in the most useful product for humans help reduce blood fats, normalize blood pressure, and protect against the development of such a serious disease as diabetes. Omega 3 – fatty acids thin the blood, providing a good prevention of thrombosis. Consumed throughout the year, a small portion of fatty fish a day, reduces the risk of vascular and heart disease by 40%. The product is rich in vitamins, important trace elements, including iodine and phosphorus.


This vegetable is presented in different variants and varieties, but they all have in common a huge benefit for the human body. This food should be present in the diet of both children and adults. The most useful cabbage in raw and sauerkraut form, it’s rich in trace elements and vitamins. The product has a positive effect on the intestines and stomach, gives strength to the brain, improves mental performance, and is the best antioxidant that prevents cancer. Vitamin U cleanses blood vessels of cholesterol and doesn’t allow it to settle on the walls. Tartronic acid prevents food from fermenting in the stomach, and is good at breaking down fats, protecting against obesity.


The product is an excellent spice for many dishes, is important for the body. Widely used in folk medicine since ancient times, garlic has a lot of phytoncides, trace elements, phosphoric acid, and essential oils. The most necessary product for humans is good for the heart and blood vessels, it’s an excellent diuretic, diaphoretic. Due to the content of allicin, a specific substance formed by crushing garlic cloves, garlic is essential for the brain, but only in raw form. Most of the most useful properties are destroyed after heat treatment, only the pleasant garlic taste remains. Fresh garlic is beneficial to the liver, effectively and gently cleanses from toxins, thinning the blood, improves circulation and rejuvenates the cells of the body.



This tropical fruit has a special pleasant taste and is essential for humans. It’s rich in antioxidants, vegetable fats, minerals, and vitamins. The avocado improves blood vessels, heart, brain and the avocado reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks. The fruit is good at removing excess fluid from the body, preventing the formation of edema, lowers the percentage of cholesterol in the body, and helps the liver to function better.


Honey is a real gift, which was presented by nature. The product is not only useful for colds, but also perfectly replaces sugar, strengthens the immune system, gives the body strength and energy, stimulates brain function. It’s useful to eat honey to suffer from anemia, digestive problems, and vascular diseases. Don’t add the product to hot tea, so it destroys all its benefits. It’s better to put a couple of spoonfuls in a warm drink. Consuming honey regularly, a person protects himself from heart disease, depression, thrombosis.


This product can be used as an independent snack, taken with you on the road and anywhere else. Nuts improve brain function, the condition of the whole body. Despite the caloric content, they are useful in the fight against excess weight. The elements in the nuts improve the metabolism, even a small amount of product a day is enough. Nuts are extremely necessary for mental health, it’s a good source of energy, a useful food for the brain, heart, and blood vessels.

Green Tea

The leaves of green tea, thanks to processing, retain the maximum number of useful substances, unlike black tea. There are many antioxidants in this product. One cup of green tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10 glasses of apple juice. From 15 to 30% of the drink consists of tannins – 30 kinds of polyphenolic compounds, including catechins and tannin. Essential oils give the drink a special flavor.