As this year draws to a close, we all begin to think about Christmas once more. Even for people who are not Christian, this is a special time of year which has a real magic about it. There is of course Santa and presents to look forward to plus time off work, tasty food and lots of parties to enjoy. When you add in the extra sparkle snow and ice brings to the festive season, it gets even better.
As a result, Xmas is an event which is celebrated the world over and which is enjoyed on a truly global scale. While you might think that everyone celebrates in the same way, this is not always true. Many places around the world have their own unique Christmas traditions which might be a surprise to you.

China – Spending Time with Santa’s Sister

Heading over to China, we find that Asia has Xmas traditions which are not only unique but also very interesting. The major one that the Chinese get involved with are ‘Xmas Apples’. These come complete with a picture of Santa and good wishes for the festive period. In addition, so-called ‘Santa’s Sisters’ take the place of Elves as his helpers in China. These sisters are Chinese women who dress up and help Santa give presents and sweets to children in the country. They can usually be found doing their good deeds in public parks.