Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it also breathes and cleans impurities. It also makes us look good. It flushes toxins through sweat from our body and is beneficial on all aspects. The skin in our body is thicker than skin on our face; but it also needs equal attention like the skin on our face. Preserving our skin health is an important thing to do and should be followed as a daily ritual with a facial skin care routine. Daily cleansing is not enough for our skin to make it look healthy and glowing. There are several steps we should do in our daily life routine to make our skin appear radiant.

Here goes our 7 basic skin care natural body care hacks:



Sugar and honey scrubs are not just effective but quick to prepare and use. Honey will moisturize your skin and while sugar exfoliates your skin well. All your dead skin cells will be gone in just few minutes. After scrubbing the skin, the skin feels soft and supple. This remedy is to get smooth skin and to reduce cellulite in your skin.

Take equal parts of coffee and sugar with 2 tbsp. of olive oil; mix well and scrub your body before shower. Olive oil will moisturize your skin and coffee rejuvenate and reduces cellulite from the skin. Sugar will exfoliate our skin and removes any dead skin cells. You can also store this mix in a container for one month without worries.

Tooth Care

You could use your activated charcoal for teeth whitening. Just wet your brush and take ¼tsp. charcoal powder and brush your teeth normally. This will clean your teeth so well that you would start seeing the results in a week.

Hack: Mix few drops of clove oil and half tsp. coconut oil with turmeric to make a paste which will have a thick but not runny consistency. Clove oil is best for tooth problems where as turmeric with medicinal properties will remove all the germs. Apply this mask on your teeth and leave for 5 minutes and wash them off. This will cure any teeth related problems and you could also use this paste as a toothpaste replacement. There you have an “all-natural tooth paste” for your teeth problems. If you cannot use turmeric use activated charcoal instead.

Elbow and Knees

Our elbows and knees get dry easily as they don’t have oil glands. Mix charcoal and honey into a thick paste consistency which should not be runny.  Charcoal removes absorbs all the impurities on our skin, hence reducing darkness and dullness in the skin. And honey is a natural cleanser which brightens the face. Apply the mixture on the elbows and knees for 20 minutes and wash it off. Repeat for few weeks for visible results. You could add extra step with exfoliating your elbows and knees while you are on your shower with any scrub or with wet loofah. Also, apply baking soda and milk mixture paste on the areas for five minutes and rinsing will also be effective if you don’t have time for 20 minutes charcoal honey routine. Don’t forget to moisturize those areas after shower and in the night, use any body lotion of your choice.


Body Care

First and foremost step is to clean your skin well with a good soap or shower gel. Avoid long hot showers because staying in the shower for a long time might strip off the moisture from your skin and always use warm water to take shower. Use loofah while showering to remove dead skin cells if you don’t have time for exfoliating those areas.  If you have extreme dry skin avoid using soaps and shower gels that contain sodium laureth sulphate in it. Use soap that doesn’t have too much deodorant which might strip the moisture from your skin. Use mild soap or fragrance free soap which will be gentle on your skin. Your face needs powder to matte your skin and control oil. Your body needs powder where ever there is more friction like under arms and inner thighs. Applying baby powder on your underarms and in between thighs where skin meets would reduce the friction and is also gentle on your skin.


Our skin around legs and hands need regular exfoliation and moisture. Always apply moisturizer immediately after shower to lock in the moisture for a longer time. Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells on your skin which will help you to keep your skin healthy and smooth.

Neck Care

Our neck is also as important as our face; they are prone to hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and dryness. Whenever you apply moisturizer or cleansing mask on your face apply some on your neck. Your neck also shows signs of aging as your skin, so apply the anti-aging serum on your neck too.

Nail Care

Our nails are same as our hair and need the same attention as our hair and it’s the mirror of our bone health. Include a vitamin rich food which help with your nail growth and keeps them healthy. Take a small container filled with mixture of warm water and 6-7 tsp. of coconut oil. Soak your hands well and rinse it off. Do not forget to moisturize after the process.