Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it also breathes and cleans impurities. It also makes us look good. It flushes toxins through sweat from our body and is beneficial on all aspects. The skin in our body is thicker than skin on our face; but it also needs equal attention like the skin on our face. Preserving our skin health is an important thing to do and should be followed as a daily ritual with a facial skin care routine. Daily cleansing is not enough for our skin to make it look healthy and glowing. There are several steps we should do in our daily life routine to make our skin appear radiant.

Here goes our 7 basic skin care natural body care hacks:


Sugar and honey scrubs are not just effective but quick to prepare and use. Honey will moisturize your skin and while sugar exfoliates your skin well. All your dead skin cells will be gone in just few minutes. After scrubbing the skin, the skin feels soft and supple. This remedy is to get smooth skin and to reduce cellulite in your skin.

Take equal parts of coffee and sugar with 2 tbsp. of olive oil; mix well and scrub your body before shower. Olive oil will moisturize your skin and coffee rejuvenate and reduces cellulite from the skin. Sugar will exfoliate our skin and removes any dead skin cells. You can also store this mix in a container for one month without worries.