While back in the times, all the fruits that we could have were those available in our area, today we can have almost anything from anywhere. We just pay different prices for them. Sometimes they cost a few cents, but other times their price can be as high as for a chunk of meat. That’s what happens when we wish those exotic fruits which grow on distant lands. They need to bring them to us, somehow. And to keep them fresh on the way. Let’s find out which are the Top 7 Most Expensive Fruits:

Buddha Shaped Pears

Yeah, you read that right. Buddha shaped pears. Folded arms, meditation posture and smile included. One Chinese farmer, Xianzhang Hao, came with the idea to create these pears in the shape of the Buddha Statue in his farm in the Hebei province of China. The pears are grown in molds that shape them like tiny Buddhas during the process of growing. The molds were made available by the Fruit Mould Company in China, who offer lots of other options for weird fruit shaping like heart shaped watermelons or gnome-shaped apples. The pears we’re talking about cost $9 per piece.