Humans strive for achievement and fulfillment. All such activities that are intended towards gaining something desired or promised fill us with a sense of fulfillment. It is the satisfaction that we derive from doing a task well and to our true potential. Good hobbies have the caliber to uplift our lives and be fulfilling as well. They provide you with much-needed motivation and a sense of purpose and meaning in life. This is the necessary spice that we need to amp up our living quotients. Let us check out the top 7 most fulfilling hobbies that we can indulge in to achieve greater levels of satisfaction.


Yoga and meditation

If you find yourself stressed or are looking for some sort of outlet, yoga is a great option. With Yoga, you can open yourself up to becoming more in tune with the surrounding world. Yoga is a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking. It is a holistic regime that you can follow and you will be rewarded manifold through the practice. Meditation is a practice where you can use mindfulness, to focus your mind on a particular object. It helps you to train your attention and awareness. Done over a while, it can help you achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

Coloring and painting

Our world is full of colors. Colors can impact our moods and help to reduce stress and anxiety. Coloring can be a fun activity for relaxation or a favorite past time. The adult coloring book trend is constantly on the rise, with some even appearing on bestseller lists. With the countless health benefits of coloring for adults, it might be time to pull out the crayons, colored pencils and markers, and practice coloring as a hobby.

You can color, draw or even paint if you are more creative. Coloring requires you to focus and enhances your organizing and problem-solving skills. It allows you to generate focus by putting everything else aside and living in the moment.


Games and sports, and all ways of working out are also great fulfilling hobbies. Sports, martial arts, and fitness activities just not help you become fit and healthy, but also have a positive impact on your daily life. Walking, running, swimming, any sports activity, kite surfing-the list is endless; but they all have something in common. All sports build up your will power, drive, and determination, and can help you unwind and de-stress in positive ways.



Music and dance have always been considered as great stress busters. You can pursue dancing as a hobby or performing art. A dance form is the best way to express your feelings and ideas. Dancing is linked to the cognitive part of the brain and can boost brain function and power. In fact, DMT or Dance and Movement Therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of body movements to improve the intellectual, and emotional abilities of the body. It is a good therapy for depression and beating dementia.

Collecting items

Collecting things is a favorite hobby for many of us. Be it stamps, coins, DVDs, bottle caps, shells, books, stones, and many more articles- the ranges of items that can be collected are infinite. Collecting as a hobby includes finding, acquiring, seeking, organizing and storing, and maintaining objects that you might be interested in. As long as collecting as a hobby does not mingle with hoarding things, it will continue to fire your creativity and passion in life.


Words, whether written or spoken, can transfer us to a different world. As you read a book, you gradually get transferred with the flow of words to an entirely different setting in your memory and imagination. Books, magazines, blogs-you can read anything, and spend your time well, as you get to know new stories, cultures and events all around the world.