For most of us, fashion accessories would mean earrings, rings, bracelets, or other types of jewelry, or bags, belts, and hair accessories. However, this is very common, very usual, and not everyone likes doing the usual things. There are some weird accessories too that have been created, and if they suit your personality, you might as well opt for them. Here’s presenting to you the list of the top 6 strangest fashion accessories.

Teardrop Jewelry

Tears represent sadness, an emotion all of us want to avoid. However, strangely enough, it has now become a fashion accessory. Eric Klarenbeek, a designer from Netherland, who wanted to create something unusual, created a tear jewelry that has been designed for your eyes. These are basically flowers and crystals that will hang from your contact lenses with the help of a wire. When exposed to sunlight the crystals shine beautifully. So, if you are tired of just wearing the normal colored contact lenses, you can give this one a try.