The goldfish in your fishbowl, the beautiful fish in the nearby aquarium and the grilled salmon on your plate may be the only fish you have encountered, but there are many fierce and deadliest fishes that live in the depths of the dark water waiting to attack its next prey. Though none of the fish on this list deliberately attacks humans, even an accidental attack from the deadliest fishes in the world can be fatal.



This fish is known for its sharp teeth and group hunting skills which make it one of the most feared aquatic animals in the world. It usually feeds on dead meat and functions as a scavenger but when it is hungry it can attack any animal. The bite force of this fish is about 30 times greater than its body weight and It can easily draw blood despite its small size if it decides to attack humans. It lives only in the Amazon basin and attacks by this fish are almost never fatal. However, it is known to bite humans on many occasions, though not leading to death. It is one of the fierce animals in the world.

Stone Fish

This unimpressive looking fish is, in fact, one of the deadliest fishes in the world because of the extremely potent poison it has stored in its spines. This fish has 13 spines on its back (dorsal spines) which project outwards when the fish is hiding in the seabed. This poses an extreme danger to scuba divers as they may accidentally step on the fish and as a result poisoned by it. The sting is very painful but death can be avoided if the poison is properly treated. It may cause symptoms like diarrhoea, vomiting, and paralysis. The fish is very good at camouflaging which makes it especially difficult to spot.

Similar to other marine creatures, the fertilization of the stone fish happens to be in the water only. The female stonefish releases a huge number of eggs that would later be sprayed by the male’s sperm. These eggs are food for any marine creatures and only a small number of eggs survive to reach maturity. The average lifespan of stonefish is 5 to 10 years in the wild.

Bull Shark

This unique shark has the ability to live in saltwater as well as freshwater which makes it all the more dangerous. In general, it is a very aggressive predator and attacks any animal that it considers it a threat or prey. It usually lives in oceans but can travel upstream into lakes and rivers catching people unaware. It is found across the tropical belt in warmer waters. Though attacks by bull sharks are less common that by great white sharks, it is still one of the deadliest fishes in the world.


Electric Ray

This fish lives in temperate cooler water across the world and swims along the ocean floor. There are many types of electric rays and these are the most common electric animals in the world. They produce and store electricity in special kidney-shaped organs and this electricity is realized using muscle contractions. The voltage of electric shocks by electric rays can reach up to 220 volts. Attacks on humans are rare since these fish lives at the bottom of the ocean but have been reported when people accidentally step on the fish. This is indeed one of the deadliest fishes in the world. You will also love reading about beautiful fishes in the world.

Electric Eel

This electricity-producing fish lives in the rivers of South America and has special cells called electrolytes that help it produce electricity of a high voltage for several minutes continuously. It uses this electricity to stun prey but when humans are attacked, it may result in heart failure because of the very strong electric shock. Even if the person does not immediately die, there is a high chance of temporary paralysis and drowning as a result. Attacks by electric eels that cause death are rare, but this fish has the potential to kill. It is also one of the most dangerous amazon rainforest animals in the world.

Wels Catfish

This large freshwater fish is feared because of its looks and the sharp teeth it uses to hunt prey. It is found all over Europe in lakes and rivers and can grow up to 15 feet in length, weighing over 150 kilos. This fish does not commonly attack humans, but when it does, it’s strong bite results in a lot of blood loss and may in rare cases lead to death. It is a very fast and aggressive predator and if humans are attacked, it is difficult to escape.

Lion Fish

Like the stone fish, this fish to has poison in its dorsal spines that it injects into any animals that attack it. As a result, this fish has very few natural predators because most animals are deterred by the painful and poisonous spines. Attacks on humans are accidental and happen only if they happen to touch or step on the fish. A sting from this deadly fish may cause difficulty in breathing and nausea along with extreme pain. Death due to this fish is rare.