The goldfish in your fishbowl, the beautiful fish in the nearby aquarium and the grilled salmon on your plate may be the only fish you have encountered, but there are many fierce and deadliest fishes that live in the depths of the dark water waiting to attack its next prey. Though none of the fish on this list deliberately attacks humans, even an accidental attack from the deadliest fishes in the world can be fatal.


This fish is known for its sharp teeth and group hunting skills which make it one of the most feared aquatic animals in the world. It usually feeds on dead meat and functions as a scavenger but when it is hungry it can attack any animal. The bite force of this fish is about 30 times greater than its body weight and It can easily draw blood despite its small size if it decides to attack humans. It lives only in the Amazon basin and attacks by this fish are almost never fatal. However, it is known to bite humans on many occasions, though not leading to death. It is one of the fierce animals in the world.