Human mothers aren’t the only ones to go to great lengths to ensure the health and survival of their beloved babies. The animal kingdom also boasts some pretty incredible mothers, some of whom use some strange techniques to make sure their offspring will thrive. Enjoy this list of the 7 most devoted animal moms.

Giant Pacific Octopus

Octopus are known for their clever, and often mischievous, ways, but who would have guessed that they’re also one of the most dedicated animal moms on the planet? The giant Pacific Octopus spends 53 months (that’s almost 4.5 years!) caring for her clutch of over 50,000 eggs in her carefully guarded den before the babies are ready to be released into the depths of the Pacific ocean. She lays the eggs one by one, and then carefully braids the free floating babies together and attaches them to the walls of a small, well-hidden cave. Here in this cave she will stay for years, while the babies develop in their egg sacs.