Over the past decades, the fashion world has been blooming like nothing else. With world-class designers taking up the prime responsibility of infusing art into couture, fashion has evolved as one of the most promising industry in the world. Though every country and region are known to have their own sense of fashion, dressing style and taste of attire, there are certain fashion capitals of the world which are globally worshiped like none. So, highly Ranked and Utmost Fashionable Countries in the World.


The hype about Sweden Fashion Week is not hidden from anyone. The astonishing style statement of Sweden either gives a frown or simply raises the eyebrows. One look at the Swedish couture and the escalating glamour of their design is bound to mesmerize you. Blessing the world with the courage of embracing nudity and feeling happy in your own skin, Sweden is undoubtedly hailed as one of the top fashion capitals of the world.