You must have been told many a time not to eat certain types of food as they are not good for your health and can cause harm, but you still eat them and may have just experienced weight gain, a few pimples, and problems like diabetes. But do you know there are also certain foods, which if not made the right way, can make you fall very sick or may even kill you just with one single serving? Yes, such foods do exist and we shall learn about 7 of them right away.

Blood clams

The kind of consistency the raw clams have, as it is can make anyone squirm, and it has more to it than that. Harvested in areas of the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean, they have an extra amount of hemoglobin. This is the substance that makes your blood turn red, and this is why blood clams have a crimson color. What makes it more shocking is the fact that they contain many bacteria that can cause dysentery, typhoid, and hepatitis A. The chances are even brighter if the clams come from Chinese water. Though they can invite hepatitis, still many people prefer consuming them.