As we all know trees are very important to us. They give us warmth, shelter, food, and helps keep our environment safe. There are so many types of trees all across the world, and they are different in sizes, have unusual shapes, and have their own distinctive properties. Though you must have obviously seen many different trees and may have like their height, the color of the flowers they bear, or the taste of the fruits they produce. You perhaps are not aware of some trees that are unusual, unique, and also strange. So, without a wait, let us get to learn about 7 strangest trees that will leave you smitten.

Silk Cotton Trees (found in Cambodia)

Located in the Seam Ream Province, Cambodia, these silk-cotton trees have a few amazing features. The place where these trees are found growing have been untouched since hundreds of years and now it is named the Angokar Archeological Park. The trunks of this tree go upwards towards the sky and create a canopy and their countless roots stay coiled on the land. It’s one of the most amazing as well as strangest trees in the world.